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One of the best compliments a cellist could receive, is to not be called a cellist at all, but to be called a great musician. I strive to be, and to impart the drive to be an artist who happens to use the cello as the mode of expression. In the process of becoming a great artist, you must be a clear communicator, which for a musician means being a master of your instrument. This is the basis of my musician philosophy: technique and expression must be married in a way that help each aspect grow. 


Finding a teacher is a deceptively crucial process. The wrong teacher can turn a student away from music, while the right match for a student can foster an incredible passion. I myself was scared away from lessons for an entire year due to a negative lesson experience, and fortunately I found a teacher who worked best for me and my learning style. The best teachers of any discipline are adaptable, passionate individuals willing to search for new ideas and techniques to best suit their student’s needs. 


Study in my studio, at any level, has one requirement: commitment. While it is not every individual’s path to become an international soloist or orchestral musician, there can be a place for music study in any walk of life. All I ask, is that my students strive to improve, with commitment to their study.


First lessons function as a trial for both teacher and student, and are therefore free of charge. I offer lessons in the Aarhus area; e-mail to set up a prospective lesson.

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